Student Experimental Film Festival in Binghamton

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SEFF in Binghamton is an exposition dedicated to exhibiting innovative film and video works by students enrolled in the United States. The Festival focuses on experimental works that challenge the conventional cinematic experiences. All events will be conducted by students registered in Curating Film and Video course at Binghamton University.

Interviews from the second day of the film festival

Interviews from the first day of the film festival

Friday night of the festival

SEFF opening day


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SEFF in Binghamton

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We have finalized our program and the selected finalists for our festival.

It will consist of four different programs:

Program 1: “Inside & Out”
“This Kind of Town” Marcy Saude
“Manifested Destiny” David Oonk
“Reflect” Tsen-Chu Hsu
“Nuke Em, Duke” LJ Frezza
“Hangman’s Tree” Catie Eller
“Einsamkeit” Sang Bum Heo
“Thembis Diary” Jisoo Kim
“One Over Wanderlust” Brendon Kingsbury

Program 2: “The Ghost Who Walks”
“H1CA2” Seth Fragomen
“Séance” Seth Fragomen
“Smear City” Greg Hanson
“Infitar” Deniz Tortum
“Transsubstantiation” Charles Chadwick
“Debul Wubman” Lindsay Laven
“Dance With Me” Catie Eller
“Spitting Feathers” Ian Mcdade
“Dunya/ Earth” Deniz Tortum
“The Eternal Recurrence” Charles Chadwick
“Ghost Bird” Sally Van Meter

Program 3: “ReRun”
“(Don’t Blink)” Alexander Cunningham
“Autopista Del Sur” Ingrid Echeverry
“Sample Fiend   “ Elliot Bamberger
“Kiss Me, I Love You    “ Daniel Bida
“Window” Isaac Brooks
“Tourist” John Dorn
“Sofra” Deniz Tortum
“Abstract Symphony” Lorena De Miranda Marques
“Tetrameter” Katherine R. Giguere
“Washes” Norbert Shieh
“One man’s garbage…Another’s treasure” Lorena De Miranda Marque

Program 4: “New Weird America” (a working title)
“The Donut Tree” Lorena De Miranda Marques
“The Vagrant of Ephemera” Charles Chadwick
“Old Man, Can I Have Your Daughter” Melissa Rogers
“Rebeast” Sally Van Meter
“Phases of Sacrifice” Ivan Kotevski
“I Want to forget everything; bad that ever happened ever” Benji Sayed
“The Barbie Box” Sally Van Meter
“Yes, No, Maybe, Go!” Joe Fuller
“Wyoming” Jason Georgiades
“I am Mrs. Archie Brownlee” Lindsay Laven
“The Hills Have Houses” Bayley Sweitzer

Congratulations finalists!

SEFF Poster

SEFF Poster

SEFF Trailer

Binghamton University

Maya Deren, Experimental Film Pioneer

Maya Deren, Experimental Film Pioneer